Entertainment Weekly’s Guide To The Best Funko Pops To Buy Right Now, From The Falcon And The Winter Soldier To The Office

Your favorite show, movie, and video game characters have probably been commemorated with a Funko Pop. The company has been behind a steady stream of stylized vinyl figures for nearly every popular property under the sun, from iconic series like Friends to recent critical darlings like The Queen’s Gambit. 

Usually under 4 inches in height and $20 in price, Funko Pops are a cute and quirky way to bring a touch of pop culture into your office, your home, and even your car.

But choosing the best Funko Pop is as hard as choosing your favorite show (or movie, or musical, and so on). That’s why Entertainment Weekly has narrowed down not only the best individual Funko Pops to buy right now, but also the best Funko Pop collections. From Schitt’s Creek and Hamilton collections to Pops that embody viral moments (such as Baby Yoda with the Frog Lady’s eggs in The Mandalorian), these 23 Funko Pops are must-buys in 2021.

Click HERE for a comprehensive list of the best Funko Pops, organized by TV shows, movies, and anime and video games.

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