Crazy Ways That Can Help You Easily Win At Poker

Poker can be a thrilling game and a simple way for experts to earn without breaking a sweat. However, it is also a game of wits combined with a little bit of luck, experience, and mental intelligence. To increase their odds of winning, having a few tricks up your sleeve is not a bad thing. Here are a few crazy cheats you can use to maximize your winning odds at poker.

1. Marking Cards

Marking cards can be an excellent way to dominate your opponents. To get a win, it does not matter who shuffles because you already know what to look for. The marks used are hard to spot unless you are aware of this kind of treachery. Nonetheless, it tends to work best when playing against newbies because experienced poker players have their own ways of telling if the cards are marked.

Remember, the mark can be a slight scratch, a bend, or the use of invisible ink. The latter is usually the best because invisible ink is not visible to the naked eye. As seen at, special contact lenses are all you need to spot these secret markings. These professional contact lenses can help you tell exactly what cards your opponent is holding, so you can have an edge over them. This is an amazing way to cheat at poker because it gives you an upper hand and allows you to control the game undetected.

2. Card Controlling

This requires skill and attention to detail, or you will get caught. Just as the name suggests, the cheat uses their opportunity of controlling the cards as a moment to shine. When it is their chance, the player strategically collects the cards and aligns the desired pieces in a way that they end up with them. After that, they do a false shuffle that does not distort the card placement. However, it is flawlessly done to be convincing enough to the other players. Once the cards are distributed, the preferred picks are at their disposal, thus maximizing their chances of winning.

3. Mechanic Tricks

This entails a range of tricks like false dealing and holding out to secure yourself a win. When playing, cards are distributed from the top. However, in false dealing, the card is taken from a different part of the deck. On the other hand, holding out is when a person hides a card in their hands while waiting for the opportune time to use it. These techniques involve the use of sleight hand methods, some of which are commonly employed by magicians. They are perfectly executed so the opponent won’t suspect a thing even after it hits them.

4. Collusion

Collusion is perhaps the most commonly used trick in poker. It is usually done by two or more poker players who soft play each other to eliminate competition. It can also be done to get the competition hooked in if the wallet size is big. In the latter, any of the colluding players can lose as long as the opponent doesn’t win. They later split the profits.

The colluding parties usually use body language and other signals to pass information. Examples include touching parts of their face, holding chips at certain angles, tapping the table, and many more.

To an onlooker, this may seem completely normal because these are subtle messages with encoded information. In the end, the targeted person thinks they genuinely lost while in the real sense they were a pawn among buddies.

These methods may guarantee you a great win with minimum effort. However, if you get caught, the consequences can be dire depending on the casino and laws. Therefore, it is advisable to perfect your craft in the game and know when to use these crazy tricks.

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