Stephen King Discusses Lisey’s Story, His New Apple TV+ Series

Take a deeper look into Lisey’s Story — the new Apple TV+ series based on the novel by Stephen King. Explore King’s process of adapting the story to the screen and hear from director Pablo Larraín, producer J.J. Abrams and the show’s cast on their experience working with the legendary author. 

Based on the 2006 novel by Stephen King, this terrifying thriller follows widow Lisey Landon (Julianne Moore) as a series of disturbing events revives memories of her marriage to author Scott Landon (Clive Owen) and the darkness that plagued him.

When Rolling Stone asked Stephen King to pick his best book in 2014, he didn’t go for an obvious candidate like The Stand, The Shining, IT, Carrie, or Misery. Instead, he picked Lisey’s Story.

“That one felt like an important book to me because it was about marriage, and I’d never written about that,” King said. “I wanted to talk about two things: One is the secret world that people build inside a marriage, and the other was that even in that intimate world, there’s still things that we don’t know about each other.”

Lisey’s Story premieres June 4 on Apple TV+.

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