3 Movies With No Happy Endings

When you watch a movie, you think there is a strategy: even if it’s sad in the middle part, the ending will be happy. But some films are like a game of luck at https://nationalcasino.com/ where you cannot predict how they end. Here are 3 movies with no happy endings.

Seven (1995)

A serial killer John Doe dies at the end of David Fincher’s excellent psychological thriller, but before he does he gives a real hell not only to Brad Pitt’s character, but to many people as well.

In the story, John Doe thinks he is an instrument of God. In an obsession to consistently punish the 7 deadly sins, he subjects his victims to deadly physical and moral suffering, which he prepares with cold calculation. Each punishment is carefully planned, and each Doe’s target is a benchmark of sin, and punishment follows. He ends up forcing an overweight man to eat until his stomach explodes (Gluttony), a lawyer cuts off 2 pounds of flesh (Greed), a model commits suicide after Doe mutilates her face (Pride), and so on.

Doe leaves the worst for last. The sixth sin (Envy), belongs already to himself, as he becomes jealous of Detective Mills’ family life and brutally murders his pregnant wife as a result. Once Mills receives a package with his wife’s decapitated head, he holds back his rage for only a few minutes before shooting Doe, surrendering to the seventh sin, anger.

Spacey’s character may have taken a bullet to the head, but his sinister plan worked, he won, and he also ruined Detective Mills’ entire life. By the way, for this finale, Fincher and Pitt had to fight with the bosses of the New Line Cinema studios, who were against such cruelty at first.

Chinatown (1974)

One of the saddest endings in movie history. The protagonist of Roman Polanski’s classic, private investigator Jake Gittes plans to take rich Evelyn and her sister away from rapist father Noah Cross, but things go horribly wrong.

Cross tries to take young Catherine, Evelyn shoots him in the shoulder and drives away, but the police return fire and the woman is killed. A shocked Catherine is taken away by Cross, and it becomes clear that he will get away with it and continue to abuse her, while Jake Gittes is powerless.

By thickening the colors, Polanski has told a grim crime story that leaves a frighteningly depressing aftertaste. The film is less about corruption and more about the fact that the powerful people can get away with anything and trying to stand up to them alone is futile.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

It’s surprising, but there are those among Marvel fans who believe that Thanos did nothing wrong in the finale. He just corrected the balance of the universe. Well, no! He is, after all, a villain.

No one thinks he’s bad in his own mind – just look at real-life tyrants to see that. The action of Thanos, who at the snap of his fingers destroys half of all life on earth, speaks for itself.

Some will argue that Thanos’ lack of conscious choice as to who should die and who should live means that he cannot be considered an absolute evil, but the catastrophic nature of his act is just further proof. Yes, Thanos’ intentions may be “for the better” in his own sick mind, but since when is an unprecedented level of genocide not considered a bad deed?

It was clear that Thanos’ victory at the end of Infinity War would be temporary, but the audience walked out of the theater in complete shock. It was a very unexpected ending, especially when everyone is used to happy endings in almost any story.

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