Patton Oswalt And Meredith Salenger Announce New Podcast ‘Did You Get My Text?’

Patton Oswalt and Meredith Salenger have announced a new podcast called Did You Get My Text? where the “bubbly, happy married couple go over their texts and stuff.”

“We live in the same house and we rarely see each other for some reason,” Oswalt says in the trailer of their busy schedules. Salenger adds, “Well, we text each other all day long but we never actually get a chance to sit down and talk about it, so the podcast is the perfect opportunity for us to actually sit down, look at what we texted out each other throughout the day.”

Among the many random topics the couple cover are apocalyptic go-bags, the experience of tripping on acid during Bill Clinton’s inauguration, and which character from Platoon they resemble most.

Did You Get My Text? will premiere its first four episodes on SiriusXM’s Comedy Greats channel 94 starting Wednesday, June 2nd at 6 p.m. EST before heading to all podcast streaming platforms on Monday, June 14th.

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