Small Scale Los Angeles Landmarks By Kieran Wright

Originally from New Zealand, Kieran Wright has been calling Los Angeles home since 2016. He quickly developed a deep appreciation for Southern California’s iconic architecture and rich history. Whether it’s the Googie style of Rae’s Restaurant or the Mid-Century graphic design on Morgan Camera Shop’s facade, LA’s buildings are more than just brick and mortar; they are time capsules that allow us to reminisce and learn about the fascinating history of the city. 

In early 2020, Kieran was furloughed from his job working for an international airline in Los Angeles. After looking for work but without luck, he took the opportunity to do something he’s always been curious about: creating miniature replicas of iconic Los Angeles landmarks. Something he’d never done before, Kieran taught himself using YouTube tutorials and worked out of the living room of his Miracle Mile apartment.

So far, Kieran has created a dozen miniatures of LA’s historic buildings, including Rae’s coffee shop in Santa Monica, Morgan’s Camera Shop on Sunset Blvd, and Beverly Cinema – all in 1:24 scale.

Kieran has also donated a replica of Fugetso-Do in Little Tokyo, raising $5,000 in the process to support Little Tokyo businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kieran has been overwhelmed with support from the LA community and their passion for these miniatures, with many people reaching out for private commissions of their favorite LA landmarks.

Here is an FAQ about his craft:

Do you accept commissions?

Yes, miniatures can be commissioned. However, availability is extremely limited. A unique hand-made miniature can take many weeks to design and construct, therefore commission slots fill fast. To discuss an idea for a miniature commission, please use the contact form. 

How much does one of the miniatures cost?

Each piece is uniquely priced, based on size and complexity of the miniature. Prices generally start at around $1000 for existing pieces. Commissioned artworks are priced based on size, complexity, materials, research required, and exclusivity. These generally start between $2000-$2500.

How big are the miniatures?

Each miniature is different but most are constructed in 1:24 scale, resulting in miniature building facades approximately 12″ wide x 4″ deep x 16″ high in size. 

How do you choose which buildings to shrink?

Kieran is currently working through a very long list of his favorite buildings in L.A. From the iconic Randy’s Donuts to the original Pan Pacific Auditorium, to Fry’s Electronics in Burbank, the list is long and ever growing. Follow Small Scale LA on Instagram to stay up with what’s currently under construction.

Where do you ship?

Shipping can be arranged throughout the United States and internationally. Shipping is not included in the price of the artwork. Pieces can also be delivered to customers in the greater Los Angeles area. 

What are the miniatures made out of?

The miniatures are constructed using a variety of foams, lightweight wood, and styrene.

Check out his incredibly detailed but diminutive work below and follow @SmallScaleLA on Instagram.

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