Stranger Things Season Four Adds New Cast Members

A lot is happening in the Upside Down! 

During Geek Week, Netflix unveiled several new cast members for Season 4 – announced by none other than creators and showrunners the Duffer Brothers.

The new cast members are as follows: 

Regina Ting Chen (AKA Ms. Kelly)

A popular guidance counselor who cares deeply for her students — especially those struggling the most.

Grace Van Dien (AKA Chrissy)

Hawkins’ High lead cheerleader and the most popular girl in school. But beneath the seemingly perfect surface lies a dark secret.

Amybeth McNulty (AKA Vickie)

A cool, fast talking band nerd who catches the eye of one of our beloved heroes.

Myles Truitt (AKA Patrick)

A Hawkins basketball star who has friends, talent, and a good life…until shocking events send his life spiraling out of control.

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