The Poster Posse Pays Tribute To Indiana Jones

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been 40 years since we first watched Indy being chased by a massive rolling stone ball, only to be thwarted by rival archaeologist René Belloq.  

The world immediately fell in love with everything Indiana Jones, from his swagger to John Williams unforgettable score.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, The Poster Posse has launched a poster tribute to the film that completely captured our imagination.  

So grab your fedora and whip and follow the Poster Posse on Twitter and Instagram for more tributes.

Salvador Anguiano: @hiperactivo

Courtney Autumn Martin: @camartinart  

Andy Fairhurst: @andyfairhurstart      

Rafal Rola: @rolarafal

Andrew Swainson: @andrew_swainson 

Rich Davies: @turksworks

Kaz Oomori @kazoomori

The Dark Inker @thedarkinker

NEEDLE @needledesign

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