10 TV Shows You Can Watch Over The Weekend

Brevity is the sister of talent. On weekdays there is no time for casino games using Bet22 login, nor for serials. But do you want to watch something interesting and long-lasting? Here is a selection of TV shows that you can watch over the weekend. And some are really hard to break away from.

The Young Pope (2016, 10 episodes) 18+ 

The serial drama of the Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, famous for the films “Great Beauty” and “Youth”. A young American, Lenny Belardo, comes to power in the Vatican, distinguished by a quarrelsome character and very conservative views. His eccentric decisions confuse the church community and set off a chain of events full of secrets, intrigues, and scandals.

The Victim (2019, 4 episodes) 18+

Anna learns that fifteen years later, the killer of her nine-year-old son is released. He committed the crime at the age of 13. Now Anna is accused of revealing his new identity on the network. The series takes place in Edinburgh in the unique legal system of Scotland.

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair (2018, 10 episodes) 18+ 

Writer Marcus Goldman becomes a member of the murder investigation. But the defendant turns out to be respected author Harry Quebert, Goldman’s colleague and mentor. Marcus intends to collect evidence of his friend’s innocence. Otherwise, the latter will end up in the electric chair.

Des (2020, 3 episodes) 18+ 

On February 8, 1983, a concerned Londoner calls the police into his apartment. He found human remains while cleaning the sewers. Social worker Dennis Nielsen is believed to be responsible for the blockage. The police find more parts of the bodies in his apartment, then Nielsen confesses to the murder of 15 people.

Fleabag (2016, 12 episodes) 18+ 

Thirty-year-old Londoner (played by Killing Eve showrunner Phoebe Waller-Bridge) is mired in problems – from a difficult relationship with her mother to bad romances and low income at work – but despite this does not lose his sense of humor, charging him and the audience of this strange and so reminiscent of real-life tragicomedy.

White Queen (2013, 10 episodes) 16+ 

Three different and equally ambitious women strive to gain power. During the war of the Scarlet and White Roses, Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort, and Anne Neville compete with each other.

The Great Train Robbery (2013, 2 episodes) 16+ 

The mini-series tells about the famous robbery of a mail train, en route at night on August 8, 1963 from Glasgow to London. The BBC film will tell about how the robbers managed to find out all the information about the train and pull off the attack.

Brassic (2019, 20 episodes) 16+ 

Vinnie the thief and his friends live in the English countryside and every day make a living by small illegal dealings. But one day the friends cross the road to the crime boss. Now their lives have changed, but the humor and adventure don’t end there.

The Hollow Crown (2012, 19 episodes) 16+ 

The screen version of the historical plays by William Shakespeare, which was released by BBC Two under the title “The Empty Crown”. The series tells the story of the life and reign of Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V. The series starred famous British actors – Ben Whishaw, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch and others.

Counterpart (2017, 20 episodes) 18+ 

Howard Silk works in the most ordinary agency. But quite by chance, he finds out that his company is engaged in the protection of transfers into a parallel dimension. The lead role was played by Oscar-winning Jay Kay Simmons.

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