Batman 1989 Print By Ruiz Burgos

I’m usually on top of the latest Batman art but this one passed me by and I’m late to the game on this Dark Knight piece from Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos.

I had written about him way back in 2014.

Born in Granada, Spain) the illustrator has been working as a graphic designer for a while. He obtained a degree in Illustration at the School of Art of Granada.  Shortly thereafter, based on the recommendation from a friend, he started working as a cover artist in the comic book industry in 2013. Although most of his work has been in the field of comics, Ruiz Burgos has also created art for a variety of projects such as album covers, books, magazines, and film posters. 

Below is a piece that the artist did paying homage to one of my favorite films of all-time, 1989’s Batman by Tim Burton.

Enjoy and be sure to follow Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Batman 1989 Screen Print
By Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos
Year: 2020
Run: 125
Size: 24 X 36

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