The Art of Movie Posters Book

Explore the work of prominent and contemporary poster designers including never-before-seen sketches and commentary in The Art of Movie Posters. The perfect hardcover collectible book for movie fans, artists and designers.

After the success of “PosterSpy: An Alternative Movie Poster Collection” published in 2018 they’re delighted to present The Art of Movie Posters, a gorgeous book that aims to inspire poster designers and captivate movie fans.

The Art of Movie Posters features over 70 artists from all over the globe; and includes both unofficial and official movie poster art from:

Adam Cockerton, Adam Stothard, Alberto Reyes, Alejandro Hinojosa, Aleksander Walijewski, Amas Bansal, Andrey Pankov, Audrey Estok, Aurelio Lorenzo, Bella Grace, Ben Turner, Billelis, Caroline Vermeir, Chelsea Lowe, Cherie Chapman, Chris Christodoulou, Colin Murdoch, Conor Smyth, Courtney Autumn Martin, Dakota Randall, Dark Design, Dave O’ Flanagan, David Graham, Edgar Ascensao, Freya Betts, Geeky Ninja, Genzo, Graham Corcoran, Gregory Sacre, Grzegorz Domaradzki, Haddon Mckinney, Hannan Shaikh, Haley Turnbull, Ignacio Rc, Joe Kim, John Guydo, Karl Fitzgerald, Kevin Tiernan, Laura Racero, Liza Shumskaya, Lon Chan, Lucas Peverill, Maria Ku, Mark Bell, Matt Talbot, Mikiedge, Nan Lawson, Neil Davies, Nick Charge, Oliver Rankin, Patrick Connan, Pete Lloyd, Phase Runner, Rafa Orrico Diez, Raid71, Rico Jr, Roman Stevens, Ruiz Burgos, Ryve Creative, Sam Gilbey, Sam Green, Scott Saslow, Si Heard, Sophie Bland, Sophie Cowdrey, Sophie Rowan, Studio Ripley, Tibor Lovas, The Dark Inker, Tom Coupland, Tom Ralston, Tomasz Majewski, Wolfgang Leblanc, and Yvan Quinet.

This 400 page book (£45) is a pre-order and will ship in August.

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