Enter The DC Universe In The Warner Bros. Studio Tour’s Newest Exhibit

You still have to be a member of the Bat-Family to get a look at the actual Batcave. But starting this month, guests who embark on the Hollywood version of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour will get the next best thing. Reopening last weekend after a 16-month pandemic closure, the world-famous tour is once again open for business and includes an all-new finale featuring a replica of the Batcave that will take fans into the heart of all things DC.

From meticulously preserved costumes worn by Christopher Reeve, Lynda Carter and Michael Keaton to props and displays from the newest DC movie, Wonder Woman 1984, there’s plenty to absorb, all presented within a highly immersive environment that will delight any fan who’s dreamed of setting foot in Batman’s iconic lair.

The new exhibit, which is part of the final segment of the tour called Action and Magic Made Here, was added as a way of allowing fans to get up close and personal with their favorite DC movies, offering surprises from all of the new DCEU-era of films and many of the classics that came before, including the Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher Batman movies and 1978’s genre-defining Superman: The Movie. You can snap photos alongside the Batmobile from the Keaton-starring Batman, as well as the rugged Tumbler and speedy Batpod from The Dark Knight and the Batwing from the more-recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. They’re housed in a garage beneath a moving, high definition backdrop that brings the many Batmobiles the Dark Knight has used over the years to life and which really sells the illusion that you’re inside the Batcave.

Yet while the setting may be straight out of Gotham, the items on display cover all corners of the DC Universe, from Themyscira, to Atlantis, to the Watchtower out among the stars. Superhero buffs who’ve thrilled to Gal Gadot’s exploits as Wonder Woman can hold and illuminate her famous lasso. Horror lovers can encounter one of Aquaman’s terrifying Trench creatures. Fans of Zack Snyder’s extended cut of Justice League can admire the details on every Leaguer’s costume (they’re all there on display). Does the thought of being around so many superheroes drive you a little crazy? Be sure to snap a selfie outside the gates of Arkham Asylum alongside the Harley Quinn and Joker costumes from Suicide Squad.

Honestly, if you’re a DC fan who’s in or visiting Los Angeles, there’s really no reason not to go. But if you need further enticing, remember that DC is just one part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, and it’s not the only new addition. Alongside the Batcave you can explore the worlds of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts in an equally entrancing exhibit. There’s also a new welcome center that recreates the Warner Bros. lot in miniature and showcases the studio’s deep legacy in film, TV and animation as well as a new “Friends Boutique” allowing fans of the beloved sitcom to dine within the Central Perk Café. And that’s all to say nothing about the amazing sets, soundstages and interactive exhibits that were already a part of the tour.

Pay a visit to wbstudiotour.com to learn more and purchase tickets.

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