What You Have To Know About Full Spectrum Dabs

Cannabis extracts are considered to be the complex part of marijuana studies. Besides the flower, almost every cannabis product you come across including edibles, vape cartridges, and dabs is made utilizing some sort of concentration or extraction process.

Remember that the cannabis extract covers a wide range of various processes as well as final products. If you have checked a dispensary menu, there is a good chance that you may have come across the term full spectrum extra like HCFSE aka Diamonds on dab packaging. This article discusses what you have to know about full spectrum dabs.

The Meaning of Full Spectrum 

Full-spectrum extracts are usually defined by their similarities to the original flower it was derived from. Rather than isolating particular cannabinoids, such as THC, CBG, CBN, CBD, or any particular flavor-packed terpenes, a full-spectrum extract has the same multitudes of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other natural compounds that are in each specific plant.

Utilizing a variety of extraction techniques, many cannabis manufacturers tend to tweak and tune these techniques to maintain a lot of the valuable terpenes, cannabinoids, phenols, proteins as well as esters combined together. Besides, full-spectrum extracts can vary in their concentration of lipids, fats, and other less desirable weed compounds that are also usually separated from the plants in the extraction process.

To make this separation easier, many full-spectrum extractors tend to flash-freeze the starting material and use live resin production techniques. The super-low temperatures can assist to retain some valuable compounds while getting rid of the excess plant material.

Different cannabis strains have a unique profile of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds, so each full-spectrum extract intends to preserve their unique structure because it’s concentrated into more refined products. In their final form, these full-spectrum extracts have a concentrated amount of terpenes, cannabinoids, and many more that are directly related to their proportions while in the live plant.

When it comes to dab-ready diamonds, full-spectrum concentrates can go beyond 15 percent terpenes and over 50 percent total cannabinoids. By having the true form of the live plant, full-spectrum extracts are known for their entourage effects.

Making High Cannabinoid Full-Spectrum Extract

Among cannabis concentrates, the hardest process in this industry is making high-quality full-spectrum cannabis extracts. When creating full-spectrum extracts utilizing solvents, there are various intricate and arduous extra steps that are needed to separate and even remove some undesirable compounds. Some of the techniques used in making high terpene and high cannabinoid full-spectrum extracts include volatile hydrocarbons, CO2 extraction, and low heat and heavy pressure.

Remember that live rosin dabs are usually regarded as full-spectrum. In most cases, you can find full-spectrum live resins being sold as diamonds. Alternatively, you can find them as a mixture of crystalized high cannabinoid full-spectrum extract and liquid high terpene full-spectrum extract.

Both of these products can be sold separately, though to get a good entourage effect having the most cannabinoids and terpenes, you need to get combined sauce and diamonds. But if you don’t want to have dabs, then you can consider other full-spectrum extracts like the ones that come in oil cartridge form.

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