Behind The Scenes: New Adventures Await On The World-Famous Jungle Cruise

The world-famous Jungle Cruise at Disneyland Park officially reopens on July 16, 2021, with new adventures, an expanded storyline and more humor as skippers take guests on a tongue-in-cheek journey along some of the most remote rivers around the world. The new creative concept is original to Walt Disney Imagineering, just like the classic attraction itself.

“We’re excited to be building on the story of the Jungle Cruise to include new adventures that stay true to the experience we know and love, while adding more humor, more wildlife, and an interconnected story,” said Chris Beatty, an Imagineer who led creative development of the enhancements. “As part of creative development, we’ve also introduced characters from around the world and took a thoughtful approach to ensure accurate representation of cultures in our story.”

The world-famous Jungle Cruise skippers return to share the unique adventure and interactions that guests expect on this expedition in Adventureland. New scenes have fun with the legendary comedic tone of the attraction, and some unexpected scenarios give the jungle and the animals the last laugh!

What’s new: 

Disney Imagineers have a longstanding history of updating attractions at the Disneyland Resort and Disney Parks. The expanded backstory centers around Alberta Falls, the granddaughter of the world-renowned Dr. Albert Falls, who is now proprietor of the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd. 

New scenes include:

– A safari of explorers from around the world finds itself up a tree after the journey goes awry

– Chimpanzees have taken over the expedition’s wrecked boat

– A Lost & Found location has turned into a Gift Shop run by Alberta’s longtime friend, Trader Sam

Jungle Cruise skippers incorporate plenty of gags as they narrate “wildlife” scenes for guests who have boarded a canopied tramp steamer, leaving civilization behind. 

Those scenes include:

– Ancient Cambodian Shrine with leaping tigers, lethal cobras and snapping crocodiles

– Jungle Cruise Safari Camp is a former camp overrun by “explosively” curious gorillas

– Indian Elephant Bathing Pool where bathing Indian elephants have their “trunks on”

– The African Veldt where angry hippos and hungry lions are guarding a “sleeping” zebra

– Schweitzer Falls, where skippers introduce guests to something they may have never seen before – the “back side of water”!

Disneyland skippers are getting up to speed in their tramp steamers, and there’s a chance you may get to stow away on an early expedition now!

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