The Most Popular Toys From The Year You Were Born

When you think back to your childhood toy box, what comes to mind? The most coveted toys in your collection were probably quite different than the must-have toys of today. Rather than the latest iPhone or PlayStation, most of us were more than content with the latest board game or action figure.

But what about the most popular toy from the year you were born? If you had an older sibling or kid-at-heart parents, you might already know the toys that were most popular during your birth year. But, for the rest of us, rounded up the most popular toys from the year you were born — that is, 1950 all the way to the turn of the millennium. (Sorry to those born after 2000, but you don’t get to talk about nostalgia just yet!)

From timeless classics like Barbies and BMX bicycles to more niche items like Pogs and Tamagotchis, these old-school toys and games will take you for a walk down memory lane.

Operation, the board game for the steadiest of hands was highly coveted in 1965, the year that I was born. The stress-inducing game fosters careful hand-eye coordination and focus while players attempt to remove foreign objects from an electrified wire loop operating table.

See the full list HERE.

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