Making It In The Music Industry

Trying to make it in the music industry is no easy feat. Unfortunately, it isn’t simply a case of work hard, and you’ll succeed. That being said, it isn’t totally impossible; there are acts out there selling out tours and producing number ones as we speak, so it must be achievable. 

There are many factors that can affect your success; read on for a look at the key ones.


This is surely obvious? There are exceptions to the rule, but generally, you will not be able to sustain a career in music if you do not have the talent. It should come before all else. Until you are secure in your abilities, it isn’t wise to promote your music, as first impressions are often the only impressions you’ll get the chance to make. A relaunch can be incredibly daunting, especially if it is to a group of people who were left unimpressed by your talent previously. If you have an undeniable talent (not to mention the other factors on this list), you will have some form of success within the industry.

Drive & Determination

You need to be supremely motivated in the pursuit of your goals. Without the drive to succeed, your talent doesn’t stand for much. Making it in the music industry requires an immense amount of hard work and effort, and so if you can’t or won’t invest the time, energy and money needed, you won’t get very far. Some people are not in the position to dedicate all of their resources to their music ambitions, and that is understandable; however, you must do what you can do. In the end, it may take longer to reach your goals, but you will still reach them. There are things that you can do to further your career in an accessible way. For example, if you want to record some of your stuff, but you think it may be out of your grasp, why not look into Pirate’s writing studios, they have locations across several countries, and they offer day-rate discounts. Services such as this can be instrumental in helping you put your music out there.

Marketing & Music Knowledge

It is vital that you have the ability to market your music correctly. If you are dedicating all your free time to marketing your stuff, but you are doing it ineffectively, you may as well not be doing it at all. Marketing is the best way to bring awareness to your talent; without it, you will go unnoticed, you will not be able to build a fanbase. Putting your music out there is essential; use social platforms to your advantage and offer your music on streaming platforms. Interact with the following that you do have and foster the connection they have to your music. This can help you book gigs and sell them out. If marketing isn’t your forte, try to emulate what other successful musicians do to promote themselves. Use their methods as inspiration for you to create your own strategies. 

Try to acquaint yourself with industry practices, procedures and organizations. This knowledge can be invaluable when trying to negotiate gigs or contracts. Get involved with your local music scene and learn more about it on a national level. Familiarize yourself with venues you would like to play in. Keep track of the up-and-coming acts in your genre.

Lastly, Luck!

This may seem like a bit of a cop-out, but people make their own luck. You need to have a firm belief in yourself and a level of self-confidence to be able to put yourself out there for public consumption. With the three above factors in place, you will have made a certain level of luck for yourself to start with. Luck can present itself in a number of ways, from opportunities offered to people you meet, so make sure you are open to any developments as they may just be the thing to kickstart your career. Meeting new people can be a crucial component in building your own luck, so networking is vital. Who are the important people in your local music scene? It could be DJs or radio hosts or music journalists, or even managers. Get to know these people, go to gigs and events that they will be attending and build up a rapport with them.


The above factors will significantly increase your chances of success. However, it is important to note that the idea of success can be subjective. For some people, success in the music industry may simply mean a little extra income to subsidize themselves. For others, it can mean sustaining a living as a musician in whatever capacity, and for some, it can mean fame and fortune. Only you can decide what will be fulfilling to you.

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