Oreo Now Has Camouflaged Packaging To Hide Your Cookies From Your Kids

We all know that feeling: reaching for a secret stash of cookies after a particularly stressful day, only to find that it’s been discovered, the treats demolished, thanks to some thieving roommate, sibling, parent or kid.

To help parents combat this phenomenon when it comes to their sneaky offspring, Oreo has created new incognito packaging for Oreo Thins.  Oreo partnered with brands that have seemingly nothing to do with Oreo: Ford, Green Giant, Hanes and Better Homes & Gardens.

The limited edition wrapping makes a package of cookies look like a vehicle owner’s manual, frozen vegetables, plain white t-shirts or a classic cookbook. That way, parents can slip sweets into the glove box, sock drawer, freezer or bookshelf and the kids will be none the wiser.

Oreo made 3,000 of the packages that it’s giving away on a first come, first served basis for any parents who post about their Oreo Thins hiding spots on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #THINSProtectionProgram. Participants will also be entered into a contest to win $25,000.

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