Star Wars R2-D2 Tamagotchis

Every kid in the ’70s wanted their own R2-D2 after Star Wars appeared on the big screens, while every kid in the ’90s was obsessed with keeping the Tamagotchis in their pockets alive. And now, in 2021, these worlds are colliding. 

Disney and toymaker Bandai have teamed up to release new Star Wars R2-D2 Tamagotchis, which are up for preorder at Amazon for $20 each. 

Those who had a Tamagotchi back in the day will appreciate the features packed into the pixelated R2-D2. Owners can train their little droid to master 19 skills, play and unlock mini-games, and take care of R2 daily. Instead of R2 dying — which would be devastating, and no one needs to see that — scavenging Jawa thieves will come and steal your precious droid away if you don’t pay it enough attention and care. 

“Star Wars has proven to be a timeless franchise and one that fans are eager to continue exploring, which makes it an absolute thrill to be able to incorporate it into the Tamagotchi experience,” said Takayoshi Oyama, manager of Bandai’s business management team, on Star Wars’ website. “The R2-D2 Tamagotchi is an epic collaboration to be a part of and we can’t wait to see how fans of the franchise react to this out-of-this-world device.”

And fans are clearly loving it: The R2 Tamagotchis are already best-sellers on Amazon in the Toys & Games category.

Buy it! Star Wars R2-D2 White Tamagotchi, $19.99 at

Buy it! Star Wars R2-D2 Blue Tamagotchi, $19.99 at

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