A Guide To Shaving Soaps

Experiencing the perfect shave is still a dream, given the advancement in technology. However, technology did result in shaving soaps with the following features:

Chemical Build

Shaving soaps contain more potassium and salts than a regular soap that increases the fat or oil content. The fat helps in the longevity build of the lather, which is responsible for smoothing and soothing the skin for coarse hair for easier shaving.

The shaving soaps are a chemical reaction when these oils react with the potassium and salts present. Some of the fatty oil contents can be discovered in palm oil and coconut oil extracts.


The shaving soaps are also very slick because of the excessive Castrol oil and glycerin present in the soaps. These ingredients also facilitate an excellent shaving lather.


When you shave on dry skin, it will result in dandruff and irritating patches. Applying shaving soaps to the skin will hydrate it for shaving. Consider the soap as a moisturizer containing jojoba oil and shea butter extracts. Both of the ingredients are responsible for attracting hydration into the skin to make shaving easier.


The same ingredients that provide hydration to the skin are also responsible for providing nourishment to the skin. Shea butter, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter carry anti-aging properties that reduce fine lines to provide younger-looking skin.

How To Use Shaving Soaps?

1. The first step is to soak your shaving brush. Fill a bowl with warm water, not boiling warm water, as we do not want to burn the skin. Leave the brush soaking for a few minutes, and remove the excess water from the brush using a flicking motion.

2. The next step involves softening the soap. While the brush the soaking, drop a few drops of warm water onto the shop. Leave it to rest for a few seconds as it takes a little time for the soap to soften.

3. Now take the damp brush and swirl it around on top of the shaving soap for ten to 15 seconds. Dip the soap back into a shallow pool of warm water so it stays soft. A friendly reminder, do not apply excessive pressure on the brush when you are rubbing it against the soap. We do not want to ruin the bristles.

4. Use soft circular motions for a few seconds. You will know when the lather is ready when bubbles have started surfacing. If you wish to create a thick lather, continue swirling until it turns into a toothpaste-like consistency. If the lather becomes too thick, add a few drops of water to thin it out. Avoid adding too much water as this would ruin the shaving lather.

Once you are satisfied with the lather, apply it to the skin. Cover the entire brush tip and use circular motions to apply it to shave.


You can learn more about shaving soaps with reviews and customer experiences online. However, these soaps work like traditional soaps in skin types, so keep an eye on that.

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