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Just about anybody can pick up a guitar. No matter how old you are, getting yourself a guitar is a relatively straightforward process. But, while getting one is easy, learning how to play the guitar is an entirely different process on its own.

Some might argue that learning how to play the guitar is pretty simple. With the wonders of the internet, all you need to do is look up “guitar lessons” or some similar phrase and then you’ll be on your way. Unfortunately, while this isn’t necessarily the wrong thing to do, it’s a way that doesn’t work for everybody.

For some people, free guitar lessons are usually a hit or miss. Because of this, others might gravitate towards going for paid guitar lessons. But, just because you’re paying for lessons doesn’t necessarily mean that these are any better than the free ones. Whether it’s free or paid guitar lessons, sometimes they still don’t get the job done. A lot of the lessons might not suit your current skill level. Others may seem a little impersonal and not as engaging. There’s also the possibility of very confusing teaching styles and lessons that don’t help you improve at all.

With all the different choices for online guitar lessons, finding the right one might seem very difficult. The number of options you have can definitely be overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. As a matter of fact, there’s one excellent option for you if you’re looking to sign up for guitar lessons.


Nowadays, online guitar lessons are a dime a dozen. The advent of the internet has allowed all sorts of guitar lessons available for everyone. But, before all that happened, Guitar Tricks was one of the few places where you could learn how to play online. It was supposedly the first website to offer guitar lessons, having started all the way back in 1998.

Guitar Tricks must be doing something right when it comes to teaching someone how to play the guitar. Them still being around today and having taught over millions of students is proof that they’re good at what they do. What’s more, people that did a Guitar Tricks review had nothing but good things to say about them.

What’s So Special About Them?

Compared to other online guitar lessons, Guitar Tricks is special because they make sure to keep you in mind.

While other lesson platforms may seem a little more impersonal, not really considering your skill level, Guitar Tricks makes sure that they have lessons that suit every skill level. That way, any aspiring guitar player or just about anyone who wants to improve can find a place where they can fit right in.

The platform has different course levels, and within each level is a curriculum that can fit exactly what you need. For example, their “Core Learning System” can help you start with the fundamentals you need, then help you branch out to a particular style or genre of guitar playing.

Aside from that, they also make sure that the lessons are easy to understand and take in. All their instructors are engaging and try to make the lesson as interesting and fun as possible. This can help facilitate your learning even more. Together with that, the interface which you use on the site contains everything you need. Closeups of what you’re being taught, notes and tabs, and even descriptions of what the lesson is. This makes it even easier for you to have what you need to learn the lesson for that session.

If that wasn’t enough, Guitar Tricks also offers other supplemental materials. From their vast archives of songs that you can learn to play to videos teaching you the playing techniques of certain guitarists, there’s a lot more you can use to further your learning and skill. They also have forums where you can ask for help, especially when you’re having a hard time with a particular lesson.

While this is a paid online learning platform, Guitar Tricks does its best to give you the best guide you can get to help teach you how to play the guitar. From lessons and materials to any other extra assistance you may need, they ensure that you have all that you could ever need to get started on your guitar playing journey.

It’s never too late to be able to pick up a guitar and learn how to play. All you need to do, aside from getting yourself a guitar and some motivation to learn, would be to get the proper guidance. After all, the right guidance can help you go a long way and get you where you need to be in guitar playing. Guitar Tricks is there to help give you just that and even more when it comes to giving you the best kind of guidance you need.

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