Taco Bell Introduces Sauce Packet Recycling Program

Taco Bell is launching a nationwide pilot program with TerraCycle to divert as many used sauce packets as possible away from landfills and give them new life, following an initial trial earlier this year. This partnership is the beginning and part of a potential industry-wide solution for recycling sauce packets and other single-use food packaging.

Taco Bell’s hot sauce packets have been there for all sorts of pivotal life moments, from spicing up a meal to inspiring creative outfits and aiding marriage proposals. While the beloved packets provide such promise, they are made of commonly used single-use flexible film materials, which unfortunately leads to 8.2 billion used packets a year ending up in a landfill.

TerraCycle is an international recycling leader that collects traditionally non-recyclable items, cleans them, then melts and remolds them into hard plastic that can be used to make recycled products. That means one day, used hot sauce packets will be transformed and given a spicier second life. 

Since more than 75% of Taco Bell transactions currently take place at the drive-thru and fans eat their meal out-of-restaurant, customers can mail-in their packets via four simple steps:

1. Sign up for a TerraCycle account, if you don’t already have one.

2. Collect empty sauce packets within a cardboard box or any other recyclable container you already have on hand.

3. Once your collection box is full, log into your TerraCycle account to download and print a free shipping label.

4. Ship your box via UPS.

Shipments in the Taco Bell Sauce Packet Recycling Program can be any weight to earn points, and 100 points per pound will be awarded. To learn more about the points program, click here.

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