DC Comics Pays Homage To Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man # 1 With Batman # 118

DC Comics will pay homage to a classic Marvel Comics cover, as an upcoming issue of Batman takes inspiration from one of Todd McFarlane’s most iconic Spider-Man images.

A variant for Batman #118 due in December will pay honor to 1990’s Spider-Man #1.

Todd McFarlane’s runs on The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man are considered one of the most influential arcs on the hero ever. Whether it’s his incredible action sequences, introducing Spider-Man’s ‘spaghetti-webbing,’ or helping create the antihero Venom, McFarlane’s time with the web-slinger was an astonishing achievement. After a 30-issue run drawing The Amazing Spider-Man, McFarlane received his own Spider-Man title to write and draw. The first issue of the ‘Torment’ arc featured an iconic cover of Spider-Man posing on webbing filled with spiders. The cover had multiple variants.

Artist Victor Bogdanovic shared his incentive variant cover for Batman #118 and expressed excitement that he could homage his art hero, Todd McFarlane. Admitting he couldn’t “tell you how many hours I’ve spent drooling over his legendary Spidey cover as a kid,” Bogdanovic said channeling McFarlane for the DC Comics cover was the “coolest homage I’ve ever drawn.”

Originally announced as a 1-25 incentive variant (meaning comic book retailers could order one copy for every 25 copies of Batman #118 with the standard cover they order), DC has now informed comic book retailers that Bogdanovic’s Spider-Man/Batman homage is now an open order variant (meaning they can order all the copies they want without the need to order a specific number of copies of the standard edition).

In addition, DC has added new versions of the variant. 

A “virgin” cover treatment will now be added as a 1-25 incentive variant, which means the main image without the trade dress (which is part of the appeal of the cover … but be that as it may). 

And in another unexpectedly playful nod, a 1-100 variant will feature the cover art with a silver foil treatment, and a 1-250 variant will feature the cover art with gold foil treatment, which is also something of another homage to the variants and additional printing versions of Spider-Man #1. 

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