Ultimate Experience 1:10 R/C Batmobile From Hot Wheels

The Batman is back, and he’s grittier, darker, and more raw than we’ve seen in generations. The Hot Wheels R/C design team happens to be full of Batman fans who are very excited about the mean muscle car energy emanating from every inch of this new iteration of the iconic Batmobile. Ripped right out of the upcoming movie, this R/C beast is less toy and more detailed movie prop.

The Batman strikes dread in the hearts of Gotham City’s criminals—and so does the Ultimate Experience 1:10 Batmobile from Hot Wheels. This beyond full-function R/C car is as close to a movie prop as you could get, featuring street-grade suspension, multi-color LED lights, flame FX on both the front and rear, and a water-activated mist effect creating the perfect atmosphere to stage scenes from the film.

Take a closer look at this 1:10 scale masterpiece and you will see what happens when the Mattel design team goes bat$#!+ insane on a project. Not only does this incarnation come equipped with accurate movie details (like battle damage and dirt) and a full interior boasting detailed wires and gauges, but it even has an animatronic Batman figure that moves the steering wheel and shifts according to your R/C inputs. 

Mattel designers got inspired and built a one-of-a-kind detailed Batcave display complete with light-up screens and a Bat-Signal projector. This is the first time Hot Wheels has brought the famous cave to life, making this a true collector’s piece. 

Presale for the Ultimate Edition Batmobile ($500) begins on October 20 at 9 AM PST only at MattelCreations.com!

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