Check Out These Stephen King Themed Art Pieces From Hero Complex Gallery’s Shadows In The Dark II Exhibition

If you are a fan of Stephen King movies and books then you’ll love these spooky art prints from the new Shadows In The Dark II horror themed exhibition at Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles. 

Check them out HERE and pick up a few posters to HANG on your walls next Halloween!

Daddy’s Home By Rich Davies

Pennywise Portrait By Doug LaRocca

Grady Twins GID By Justin Hampton

His Number One Fan By 12sketches

Dead Is Better By 12sketches

Mr. Jingles Goes To Mouseville 12sketches

The Shining By Craig Drake

Want A Balloon? By Casey Calendar

You’ll Float Too By Mark W. Richards

You’ll Float Too By Barret Chapman

Pennywise By Duke Duel

Grady Twins By Duke Duel

Danny! Daddy’s Home By Benedict Woodhead

Carrie By Todd Alcott

The Shining By Todd Alcott

Welcome To The Overlook Hotel By Alice Probert

Take Me To The Prom By Francesca Pusceddu

The Kid And The Fool By Stella Ygris

You’ll Float Too By Amas Bansal

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