Netflix Launches First-Ever ‘Stranger Things’ Pop-Up Stores

Netflix is launching its first-ever “Stranger Things” pop-up stores on November 6.

The pop-up shops, located in New York City’s Times Square and The Americana at Brand in L.A., will immerse fans in the “Stranger Things” universe, offering exclusive merchandise for sale, as well as photo moments.

The merchandise includes an Elegorgon, which is a vinyl piece by Ecuadorian artist Chogrin that showcases what an Eggo waffle eating tween would look like if mashed up with a demogorgon; General Mills “Stranger Things” cereal that comes packed in original 1980s-style boxes but set in the world of the show; collectible Bandai action figures, including 16-inch demogorgons with interchangeable heads; customizable apparel stations and more.

Meanwhile, the photo moments include getting up close to a hidden demogorgon in the Upside Down, popping into Hawkins Middle’s Snowball Dance, the Starcourt Mall, the Russian Lab and Joyce’s House. There are also games to play at a replica of the Palace Arcade.

The store is produced by Netflix with store operations managed by Three Ten Merchandise Services and store design by Black Sky Creative.

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