The New LEGO Star Wars AT-AT Ultimate Collector’s Series Set Makes An Impressive Addition To Star Wars And LEGO Fan Collections

The LEGO Group has announced the new epic LEGO Star Wars AT-AT set – the latest launch in the Ultimate Collector’s Series set (UCS) line-up and a must-have for fans of LEGO and Star Wars.  

The AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transporter) first appeared in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, its huge presence appearing over the horizon on the icy fields during the Battle of Hoth, ready to attack the Rebel Alliance’s shield generator.

Nothing like it had ever been seen before, and the Galactic Empire’s Imperial ground forces used the AT-AT’s gigantic size to overpower the Rebellion and ultimately destroy Echo Base.

This immense new LEGO model is massive in size and detail, paying homage to the gigantic vehicles in the film. It features over 6,785 pieces, a movable head, spinning guns, adjustable legs, and side panels that open to reveal amazingly detailed interiors.   

In addition, the set comes with nine minifigures and accessories, including Luke Skywalker (along with a wire so fans can recreate the famous scene of him swinging from an AT-AT’s underside in an attempt to thwart their attack), General Veers, and four Stormtrooper minifigures, as well as two speeder bikes and an E-Web cannon set accessories — plus plenty of interactive elements and easter eggs!  An amazing set for display or action, the set can also fit an army of stormtrooper minifigures inside – 40 in total. 

Even the unboxing is a rewarding experience, as the packaging displays beautiful imagery of the final set from all angles.  Additional images show the perspective from inside the AT-AT, whilst all the pieces are stored in four individual drawers, which combined show the famous Battle of Hoth scene. 

A must-have for any dedicated Star Wars fan, this model has been designed by legendary LEGO set designer Henrik Andersen. Discussing the design, Andersen said, “the mega-sized LEGO Star Wars AT-AT set is the one everyone has been waiting for, and it’s been a thrill to bring this highly-anticipated build to life. The AT-AT was an engineering masterpiece and the LEGO set will make an impressive display.  But we have also packed in plenty of details that will deliver hours of fun for fans of LEGO and Star Wars alike.”

The set forms part of the Ultimate Collector’s Set, which also includes the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon set, LEGO Star Wars UCS A-wing set, and the recently released LEGO Star Wars UCS Republic Gunship set.

There is a companion gift with purchase when you pick up the LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT (75313) which is the LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber (40483).

The LEGO Star Wars AT-AT set is available on November 26, 2021 via LEGO Stores and, at the retail price of $799.99.

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