Boost Revenues In 2021 With Hotel Lobby Remodelling Hacks Like Using Vintage Model Car Kits

The first impression of a hotel is created in the lobby. Visitors can soak in the ambience and get an idea of the expected hospitality. It helps your facility stand out from its competitors. It can also raise the spirit of travelers as they may still be worried about the spread of covid-19. A lobby can play a key role in the overall success of the hotel industry as the world recovers from the pandemic. A truly impressive one will be an inviting multifunctional space with cafés and snack bars, comfortable furniture, easy access to hotel amenities and inspirational décor. But you do not have to resort to unrealistic and costly changes to spruce up the space. 

You can add revolutionary vintage model car kits from as these are attention grabbers and come with stunning Display Cases.Here are a few other ways to create a memorable experience for your guests. 

The Flooring Facelift

Pick the ideal material depending upon the acoustics, foot traffic, maintenance and budget. Keep the aesthetics, safety, existing architecture, and installation in mind. You can add floor lamps and large-scale vintage car model kits to add a huge impact. It is also a good idea to soundproof the floor to reduce the noise levels. Choose a design from either industrial or modern that will best compliment the rest of the hotel. Natural stone, porcelain tile, luxury vinyl tile or carpeting would be perfect choices. 

New Art Works 

This is an ideal way to add style and oomph to the décor. Place classic car model kits, vintage canvas painting, artistic metal plates, timeless clocks, and floor-to-ceiling luxurious golden strips. You can also consider deco rugs and plush runners. Pick bright and bold designs and textures to add ultimate charm to the lobby. You can easily rotate and rearrange them to bring a fresh change to the appearance from time to time. 

Redo The Lighting 

You have to count on several factors before illuminating your space. Measure your space, keep the decorative fixtures in mind, make sure it matches your aesthetics and consider oversized lights. Ensure a sense of visual comfort along with sophistication and extravagance. Set the tone. Pick a focal point and add rustic, minimalist or industrial chandeliers. Accentuate the vintage car model kit and other artworks with the right lighting to grab visitor attention. 

Add Some Greenery 

Houseplants work the best for indoor lobbies. Think of decorative flowerpots. Consider palm trees in the case of a courtyard. You can also add creepers to boost the appeal. This will create a warm and welcoming natural vibe. Plants are also known to reduce pollutants and minimize stress levels. Floral arrangements would be a pleasant addition too. 

Old model car kits can give the guests to do while they relax in the lobby. Add some optical illusions, a mini library and a bistro to keep them from getting bored. 

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