Miller High Life Gingerbread Dive Bar

Miller High Life is helping fans celebrate the holidays with their favorite home away from home – in gingerbread form.

The Champagne of Beers is combining a holiday tradition – gingerbread houses – with Miller High Life’s natural environment: a dive bar.


“There’s no better place to enjoy The Champagne of Beers than a dive bar, and no better time to celebrate the simple moments that make life special than the holidays,” says Tim Christmann, associate marketing manager for Miller High Life. “As people bring the dive bar experience home, we can’t wait to see how they’ll customize their gingerbread kits.”

The kits combine the sugary fun of building a gingerbread house with the sticky floors of a dive bar – literally. They come with Vermont maple syrup that can be poured over the bar’s floor. Also included: mini vintage High Life wall art and faux neon signs made from sugar, peppermint barstools, a jukebox, an edible pool table with pretzel stick cues and candied pool balls, and even a gingerbread bartender and regulars infused with Miller High Life.


The limited-quantity kits will be available for $50 on Miller High Life’s online store beginning Monday, December 6.

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