Jerry Seinfeld Shares A Cup of Coffee With Batman & Superman On The Cover of World’s Finest #1

In March 2022, DC will publish Batman/Superman: World’s Finest. From writer Mark Waid, artist Dan Mora and colorist Tamra Bonvillain, the Man of Steel and Dark Knight take on threats so massive that only the world’s finest heroes are qualified to take them on. To celebrate the launch of the series, Batman and Superman will expand their team-up for an incentive cover that features Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee host and lifelong Superman super-fan Jerry Seinfeld. The variant will be available to stores that pre-order at least 100 copies of Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #1.

Seinfeld’s Superman connections date back decades. Throughout Seinfeld, the fictional Jerry Seinfeld’s life experiences would often reference the Man of Steel. His apartment had a Superman statue at eye level, and many of the show’s plots would bring up concepts like Bizarro, the Justice League and Superman’s super-sense of humor. After Seinfeld’s ending, Superman and Seinfeld appeared together in a pair of advertisements for American Express, with the two portrayed as close friends.

Seinfeld currently hosts the ongoing Netflix talk show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Mora’s World’s Finest incentive, which DC has playfully branded the “Jerry Seinfeld in the Bat-Mobile Getting Coffee” variant, connects all of the threads of Seinfeld’s career into one image. In it, Seinfeld drives the Batmobile while enjoying a cup of coffee with Superman as Batman angrily clings to the car’s roof.

Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games in World’s Finest, when Superman’s powers are supercharged by an attack from frequent foe Metallo. With nobody else to turn to, Superman enlists Batman’s help to find a solution to his problems.

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