Oreo Drops New Batman Cookies With Riddles That Unlock the Batcave

The Batman is one of the most anticipated film releases of 2022 and in an unusual marketing tie-in around the movie, Oreo (Europe) is jumping on the hype by bringing out the playful side of the dark superhero. 

The Mondeléz-owned brand’s campaign for The Batman focuses on riddles, the signature weapon of the movie’s villain, The Riddler, whose puzzles Batman must solve to fight crime. 

Oreo’s riddles have a more fun purpose, however: fans who crack them can get an inside look into The Batman universe. The brand’s immersive digital experience allows users to virtually enter and explore the Batcave and discover secrets that were previously accessible only to Batman and his butler Alfred. 

Oreo has also created a limited-edition cookie embossed with the Batman’s silhouette. It is the first character embossment released by the brand in Europe. 

A promotional film is entirely made up of the special-edition Oreo and illustrates iconic scenes from the franchise, such as the Bat Signal and Batmobile, with the black and white cookies. 

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