Overlook Connection Press Releases 2022 Stephen King Calendar / Journal

Overlook Connection Press has just released the latest Stephen King Calendar / Journal for 2022. This year’s theme is Stephen King and The Green Mile which delves into the novel and film releases.

The Stephen King Calendar is more than just a calendar: it’s an annual journal full of interviews, articles, illustrations, photos, trivia, quotes from Stephen King and the film creators, history about The Green Mile, that fills up this 140-page hardcover volume.

The journal leads off with an introduction by the author and editor, Dave Hinchberger, on revisiting Stephen King’s The Green Mile in this year’s release. With articles by renowned Stephen King bibliophiles and historians Bev Vincent (co-editor with Stephen King on Flight or Fright), Tyson Blue, and Stephen Spignesi. Interviews with The Green Mile novel artist, Mark Geyer and an interview with author Rodney Barnes who was actor Michael Clarke Duncan’s double in the film version of The Green Mile. Rodney Barnes is now a respected TV (American Gods, The Boondocks) and comic writer (Killadelphia, Star Wars).

The calendar portion of this edition features weekly Did You Know? Pieces of rare facts on the novel and film. Trivia, quizzes and short articles. Illustrations are featured on every page!

The Stephen King Catalog Calendar and Journal is now in it’s third year of publication and previously featured themes of The Stand in 2020, and Stephen King Goes to the Movies 2021 (based on theatrical films only) and are still available from Overlook Connection Press at StephenKingCatalog.com and at all retailers, including Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com.

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