The Best Dance Movies of The Decade (And More to Come)

Watching a professional dance troupe performance or even a single trained dancer can be some of the most thrilling entertainment out there. From ballet to jazz to hip hop and everything in between, a great dance routine can captivate the viewer in a way that few other performance styles can.

Whether or not you’ve ever tried dancing yourself, everyone can enjoy a good dance flick once in a while. Next time you want a movie to watch on a casual night in or to pass the time after a procedure at Northwest Surgery Center, consider one of these films from the past decade centered on different types of dance. 


No, we’re not talking about the classic from 1984. We mean the Footloose remake released in 2011, which reached critical acclaim. 

This film follows the same storyline of a teen who moves to a small town where dancing is not allowed, and he single-handedly shakes up the place with his moves. Any fan of the original Footloose film is sure to enjoy this fun and updated reboot starring Julianne Hough and the handsome Kenny Wormald. 

Black Swan 

Black Swan isn’t your typical feel-good dance movie. The film follows Nina (Natalie Portman), a professional ballerina who has earned the leading role in the famous ballet “Swan Lake.” Despite her success, she struggles with her competition (Lily, played by Mila Kunis) and the enormous stress on prime ballerinas. 

Portman and Kunis deliver their harrowing roles and twisted on-screen friendship masterfully in this Oscar-winning psychological horror film. Warning: it’s much grittier and darker than your average dance flick. 

Step Up Revolution 

Step Up Revolution is another fantastic installment in the Step Up series, a collection of movies that follow a variety of characters with big dreams in the dance world. This installment follows Emily, a young woman who moves to Miami to become a professional dancer.

She develops a relationship with local dance crew leader Sean, whose neighborhood is under threat of redevelopment thanks to Emily’s father. Step Up Revolution is an excellent casual flick full of drama and incredible hip-hop dancing. 


If you’re looking for some spectacular vocals in addition to impressive dance performances all wrapped into a single package, Burlesque is a great choice for you. The movie packs a great deal of star power, with legendary singers Cher and Christina Aguilera in the leading roles.

The film follows a young performer from a small town who travels to Los Angeles to make it big, only to land a job at the Burlesque Lounge, a local spot owned by a retired dance legend. Burlesque is packed with jazzy dance numbers and excellent performances by Hollywood legends.

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