What If Cartoons Were Real?

Here are some artistic interpretations of what animated characters would look like if they were real people.



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194 thoughts on “What If Cartoons Were Real?

      1. Why stop to reply to something over a month old? Can you not get all flustered over a combination of letters that society has arbitrarily deemed unacceptable?

    1. Its alright, but all they did for the most part was 3d render them. could put a little more effort into it…

    2. i love this website! its hilarious and some most of them actually do look like the cartoons!

    1. hahaha yeah tell me about it, i think id prefer these characters remain cartoons, especially homer eughh

  1. This is great, I never pictures the simpsons characters to look so hideous in real life. And Ian is right, I completely see Keanu Reeves in Butthead

  2. All this cartoons character do appear in cartoons right? they all look so familiar

  3. Great job! did you do these yourself? Some of them look more plausible then others, but they look good

    1. If you bother to look, the names of the artists are at the bottom of most of the pictures.

  4. My god, that was actually a bit scary, and extremely grabbing. I loved it. Jessica Rabbit looked like Angelina Jolie. AAHHWOOOO

  5. this is actually really neat. makes some of the characters a lot uglier in person than they are on tv

  6. hey! its the eyes that make them all go real…so it appears that realistic eyes can make any face look real..that gives an impression of the face looking/staring at you…

  7. some of them are good but a lot of them are still way to cartoonish. the southpark boys are the bast representations.

  8. Wow, this is absolutely fantastic. Butthead really does look like Keanu Reeves. hahahha!

  9. well, these are cool and all, but you seem to have forgotten the fact that cartoons do not look misshapen and off proportion simply because they are that way to begin with, they are extremely exaggerated versions of a live person in someones head, drawn in a simpler form, with dramatized figure. they would look like normal people.

    1. I don’t think that anything was forgotten. I believe the intent was to portray the characters as what they would look like in real life in their exaggerated form. To portray them in their “un-exaggerated” form would be another project.

  10. That was pretty frightening! I think there are some actors who look an awful lot like some of the cartoon characters on TV today.

  11. 1) That kid looks just like Alfred E. Neuman- Bill Gaines, eat your heart out! & 2) that other kid looks like a cross between Bart Simpson and Gollum. When’re you gonna publish Part II?

  12. Hey, this reminds me of Dreamworks character design. Take a cartoony chracter, then make it as creepy as possible by adding stubble, skin pores, and other disgusting details of human anatomy that don’t work for cartoons.

  13. Wow! I am always amazed to see the different talents that God has given! This is probably one of the funniest things I have “stumbled” upon all week!! Great Job!!

  14. wow, pretty cool but nonetheless quite disturbing.
    lets be thankful that will never happen.

  15. The South Park one was pretty good. But all the others were still too cartoon to be “Real Life” versions. Funny… But very far off the target goal.

  16. Perhaps some character can pull it off and some really pulls my whole body’s hair stands up! eeeeee! Overall, good job!

  17. They are real and I live in the hundred acre woods, at least that is what my seven year old tells me.

  18. Jessica Rabbit didn’t look too bad as a ‘human’. But the Simpsons ones were terrifying, especially Homer; those massive eyeballs will be staring into mine when I try to sleep…

  19. My favorite is butthead as it looks exactly like he does in the cartoon except using real components. Aside from that though, anyone know what raw components the artist used in these? I think the reason they resemble Keanu, or George Clooney(American dad guy looks kinda similar) is cause the source images might have been them but distorted. Anyone else think that?

  20. That was cool…and a little creepy. American Dad works for Oklahoma Horizons TV Show.

  21. That’s very funny. However I am concerned about Homer I think he needs to go to the doctirs before his eyes fall out! 😛

    Great Work !

  22. that is hilarious! I’m glad they are only cartoons, they look creepy, and not funny in a good way!
    oh! Poppey kinda reminds me of Freddy Krueger!!

  23. Who’s the one on the third picture?
    I think she’ll look okay until she fully opens her eyes.

    The Simpsons would be so scary and if they’re real, they’d need to wear sunglasses so the dust won’t get into their eyes.

  24. I fail to see the appeal. They still look like cartoon characters, especially Jessica Rabbit for example. And the creators got it wrong in many instances, just translating the shape of the face in the cartoon to reality, when they should’ve taken into account what that shape is meant to represent. Take the American Dad one for example: they just gave him this huge, jaw-like outgrowth on top of the “normalised” face. When really, the cartoon is trying to say that this is a guy with a very strong jaw. They should’ve taken that into account and chosen to make a strong jaw and maybe a Kirk Douglas-ey chin. Not just take the cartoon template and slap some skin over it.

    1. I totally agree. Some of these were really well done (like Popeye–even though he’s hands down the scariest of them all), but I think there could’ve been somewhat more effort to make it look as if they were real people.

  25. Fan f*%kingtastic…jointly haunting and and hillarious…I’ve always imagined that in my mind.

  26. LOL… some of these are REALLY scary other’s look like people I have seen on the street. LOL

  27. They should have toned down some of their more fantastical features, to actually play into the reality aspect instead of just clonestamping skin patterns over the shape of a cartoon. Meh.

  28. See, the thing is, when I see the phrase “artistic interpretations of what animated characters would look like”, I expect to see realistically proportioned figures, not drawings of the cartoon characters with skin effects stretched over them. Like, the South Park ones were funny, because that’s probably what they WOULD look like if they were real people. But Homer Simpson? Really? I will pay you good money if you can find a real person whose skull is shaped like that and whose eyes are perfect circles FROM THE OUTSIDE. The way he’s rendered isn’t realistic, it’s creepy. It’s called the Uncanny Valley.

  29. Ok remember when you were a kid and your wondered what your favorite cartoon looked like in person

  30. The best of these would have to be Jessica Rabbit, Popeye, and Buzz Lightyear because they are the most realistic.

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