Joe Hill’s ‘The Fireman’ In The Works As TV Series

The horror author Joe Hill is teaming with Walden Media to develop a television series based on his 2016 novel, The Fireman.

In The Fireman, the United States is rocked by a plague that is highly contagious and causes those who are infected to burst into flames. Millions have caught the disease, nicknamed Dragonscale. There is no antidote. Cremation squads have popped up, roaming the streets to exterminate those they believe have Drgonscale. Amid this chaos, an infected nurse is set on a new path after a chance meeting with a mysterious man known as the Fireman.

Hill will executive produce along with Walden Media’s Frank Smith and Naia Cucukov. Hill, the son of Stephen King, has had his novel NOS4A2 adapted for AMC, while the upcoming Universal/Blumhouse film The Black Phone is adapted from his short story of the same name.

Reprinted from The Hollywood Reporter

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