Gillette Launches New Gillettelabs With Exfoliating Bar Razor

Gillette introduced its newest product, GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar. With an exfoliating bar built into the handle, this new razor removes dirt and debris from the skin before the blades pass, ensuring the skin is primed for a great shave, that’s as quick and easy as washing your face.

“Most men see shaving as a chore that takes longer than it should. Our mission with GilletteLabs is to elevate the shave experience from a chore into a pleasurable everyday experience.” said Gary Coombe, CEO P&G Grooming. “The new GilletteLabs razor is the perfect combination of form and function. It is beautifully designed to stand out in the bathroom and it features our best Gillette blades. However, the real genius is what comes before the blades, the exfoliating bar, which is designed to help make shaving easier than ever. Men who’ve tried it love it and say they would never go back to an ordinary razor.”

GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar combines shaving and gentle exfoliation technology into one efficient stroke. The razor was crafted with design in mind, featuring:

– Gillette’s most advanced five blade cartridges.
– 2D FlexDisc technology that contours to the face, helping maintain contact between the blades and the skin. This consistent contact allows for evenly distributed pressure from the exfoliating bar and blades for a smooth shave.
– An ergonomically designed handle with a full rubber backing and grip so you can best shave yourself.
– A magnetic stand that securely holds the razor standing tall, allowing the blades to dry properly.
– A premium kit is available with an aluminum travel case for easy storage.

Consumers can purchase the new GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar and a two-cartridge pack as well as a magnetic stand for $24.99 at The razor handle, three cartridges, a magnetic stand, and the metal travel case retail for $34.99.

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