Vintage Star Wars VHS Expected To Sell For $60,000

An unopened copy of Star Wars: Episode IV has surfaced at an online auction, and any are expecting the winning bid for the VHS to top $60,000. 

The event is being hosted by Goldin and is an exclusively virtual affair, with bids for the VHS already hitting $9,500. The online auction house plans on accepting bids via their website until February 24th.

What makes this tape worth $60,000? The VHS is a sealed and graded 1984 First Print copy of the movie. It includes a “Gray Tape-Head,” a “First Edition Stereo Only” red label, a “1984 Sleeve,” and “First Edition CBS/Fox Watermarks.” This means that anybody purchasing the tape can enjoy the beloved film as someone did in 1984, the first time someone could watch the film at home.

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