Attack Peter’s Godzilla – Museum Statue Now Available For Pre-Order From Skybound

Today at its Creatorfest Xpo, Skybound announced a pre-order for the stunning Godzilla Museum statue from in-house artist and monster printmaker Attack Peter (Peter Santa-Maria) during his livestream ATTACK! With Attack Peter. The limited-availability statue, available for pre-order now from, takes what the linocut master has done in print work and expands it into three radical dimensions.

Godzilla Museum Statue
By Attack Peter
Limited to 100
Box Measurements: 11.25″ x 9.25″ x 6″
1.9 lbs
Roto Vinyl, PVC
Original Attack Peter Design in collaboration with Mondo & ToHo
Shipping in May 2022

The figure was first launched by Mondo as a limited-run and is now exclusively being offered by Skybound.

“Having a chance to design an official Godzilla statue will EASILY go down as one of the most incredible highlights of my career, and I say that knowing I have miles to go before I sleep,” said Attack Peter. “It’s a mind-blowing concept and one that is dwarfed only by the fact that I was allowed to do it in my own style. I could not be prouder of this achievement. Thank you to Toho and Mondo for trusting me with the King. And thank you all for bringing him into your home!” 

No stranger to the King of the Monsters, Peter has done previous artwork related to the character spanning prints and carvings from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla to Godzilla vs. Gigan, and much, much more. His work, already an established staple of the Godzilla art world, now comes home as a statue perfect for any fan or collector.

For more information on Attack Peter, follow his socials on Twitter (@AttackPeter), Instagram (@AttackPeter), and YouTube (Attack Peter).

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