Stephen King Is Coming To THE KINGCAST On March 2nd

Next week, Stephen King, namesake of The Kingcast (a Stephen King podcast) is joining hosts Scott Wampler and Eric Vespe to talk about ALL THINGS KING!

The hosts responded on how they felt about the episode:

Scott Wampler: 

“We’ve been doing this show for the past, oh, two years or so now, and it only just occurred to us that we should probably invite our podcast’s namesake on for a chat. We are beyond thrilled that Mr. King accepted, that he was so generous with his time, and that neither of us embarrassed ourselves too much while shotgunning questions at him. All hail the true Master of Horror.”

Eric Vespe: 

“As someone who picked up his first Stephen King book in the 6th grade (it was Cujo, by the way) it has made my day/week/month/year to have the master himself bless The Kingcast. It was the dream when Wampler and I were first pitching ideas for the podcast and I’m honestly still in shock that it actually happened. I’ll be forever grateful to King for being so generous with his time.”

Get caught up on The Kingcast HERE and be sure to tune in when Stephen King joins the Kingcast on Wednesday, March 2nd.

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