Stephen King “Study Dammit!!” Magnet

Bett’s Books in Bangor, Maine sold this Stephen King magnet in the mid-90’s at the store.

The store has since closed and the owners now run SK Tours which transports fans to locations that inspired and were made famous by the prolific author.

Recently SK Tours came across the old magnet and knew that it was time to bring it back to life!

The 2.5 x 3.5 inch rigid mylar magnet features an image of a young, slightly crazed Stephen King holding a double-barreled shotgun pointed at the reader with the caption, “Study Dammit!!”

The magnet recreates the cover of the January 15, 1970 Maine Campus paper which was distributed during finals week. This was identified as “a public service poster from the makers of: The Maine Campus.”

Order the magnet HERE for $5.00.

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