Miniland Is Under A Prehistoric Takeover At Legoland California Resort

Have you ever imagined massive dinosaurs running wild through the streets of New York City?

That’s exactly what’s happening at LEGOLAND California Resort as more than 30 of the massive creatures have taken over the Big Apple in Miniland U.S.A. 

Guests can get up close to Stegosauruses, Brachiosauruses, Triceratopses and the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex, among others, running rampant through the city.

The fun scenes all depict what happens when a science convention has gone wrong and now families can join a LEGO Mad Scientist in his search to find and identify all the creatures.

Each prehistoric reptile took a team of Master Model Builders more than 60 hours to design and construct. Each dinosaur weighs more than 20lbs and is built out of more than 30 thousand LEGO bricks.

Sharp LEGO teeth, gigantic claws and tiny T-rex arms are among the many identifiable characteristics of the carnivorous models.

The Model Builders also had some fun creating silly and entertaining scenes in Time Square, Central Park and high above the city skyline for all to enjoy. 

LEGO dinosaurs will be roaming around the city that never sleeps now through summer at the Park… catch them fast before they go extinct! 

This dinosaur experience is included in the price of admission to LEGOLAND California Resort. For LEGOLAND California Resort additional information, visit

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