The Film Cellar Allows You To Own A Piece of Film History

With the majority of theaters transitioning to digital projection, celluloid film is becoming increasingly rare. The Film Cellar allows you to own a tangible piece of cinema history, making each piece a personal cherished collectible for the movie lover.  Cinema fans can now own a literal piece of movie history!

Every piece of film is hand-selected and cut from an authentic reel that once ran through a projector and played for audiences in a movie theater.

The Film Cellar is constantly adding new movie titles to their store, however if a specific desired film is not listed, please contact the store and they will do their best to accommodate the client with a custom order.

This unique keepsake will make a perfect gift for the cinephile in your life. To order or get more info, please click HERE.

Batman Returns
35mm Framed Film Cell Pair
Batman & Catwoman

The Dark Knight
35mm Film Strip Pair Display
Joker, Rachel and Batman

The Empire Strikes Back
35mm Framed Film Cell Pair
I Am Your Father

The Shining
35mm Framed Film Cell Pair
Danny in the Lobby/Jack in the Maze

Jurassic Park
35mm Film Strip Pair
The Eye of the T-Rex

The Matrix
Framed Film Strip Pair
Bullet Time

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