Pairing Food With Activities: 3 Tips

Have you ever thought that food tastes better when you’re enjoying good company?

Well, there’s a simple reason for the phenomenon. If you are having fun, you are more likely to appreciate whatever it is you’re doing – in this case, a meal.

This is why you should try to pair your food with certain activities. When you get the combination right, it can significantly enhance your overall experience, improve your mood and physical state (especially if you’re doing exercise).

What’s more, there is no shortage of options when it comes to pairing food with activities.

If you are feeling indulgent, you could scoff some comfort food while you unwind in the evenings, which will help you relax and enjoy a pleasurable experience.

Alternatively, if you are about to go for a run or complete a quick gym session, your food intake will massively impact your level of performance. Therefore, you need to think carefully about what you eat.

You could even take this pairing to the next level by trying new food when you travel. Given that you will already be outside of your comfort zone when you are having new experiences, you might as well heighten the sensation with some local delicacies.

Here are three tips for pairing food with activities:

Indulge in comfort food while you unwind playing games

If you are looking to relax at the end of a hard day, or indulging yourself on holiday, then you could do worse than unwind by playing some games online and eating comfort food.

The reason why this is a good combination is that it can sometimes be difficult initially to switch off from your busy work-life. Playing games online helps your mind to focus on another task, while comfort food will relax you. Play at to find some relaxing video poker games.  

Some of the best comfort food includes hearty, warm meals that can give you a great deal of energy while also making you feel adequately full. Things such as pies and other baked savories will go well, but nothing can beat a deliciously cheesy pizza, especially when you’re playing games. 

However, it might also be worth thinking of alternative food, as you don’t want to be eating greasy meals while also using a controller or keyboard. For this scenario, sandwiches are perfect, and they still provide that sense of comfort. 

Eat the right food before exercise

If you are passionate about fitness, then you will know the importance that diet has over your physical condition. However, it can be easy to fall into the habit of eating whatever is in the fridge before an exercise session, even if it is not conducive to physical activity.

Therefore, it is wise to plan your pre-exercise meals carefully.

Focus on eating light, energy-packed foods such as eggs, oats, pasta (although not too much of it) or fruit (particularly bananas). It might not be your most sophisticated meal of the day, but your body will thank you for it once you start working out.

These days, a lot of people also eat some form of sweet treat before their gym session. This is to give them that needed burst of energy, while others can also use the promise of something a bit tasty to motivate them to exercise well. 

When thinking off food to eat when you plan to exercise, try and avoid meals that might make you feel sluggish, as you will struggle to perform well afterward and might also cause yourself some pain, especially if you’re planning on doing some heavy cardio. Save the larger meals for when your workout is complete. 

Experiment with food when you travel

It is often said that travel broadens the mind, but it can expand your waistline too.

If you are spending time in a different part of the world, it is an ideal time to combine a new experience with food you don’t usually eat.

Perhaps you are visiting an incredible national park in Italy – you could pack some delicious Parma ham, local cheeses, wine and even locally-sourced truffles if you can find them.

Alternatively, you could combine a motorcycle trip across Vietnam with some local pho. Whatever your combinations, it is best to double down on new experiences when they come along. Avoid the touristy areas when doing this and eat where the locals eat, as you’re likely to get a more authentic taste and flavor of the food you’re eating, which can heighten your experience. 

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