H.R. Giger’s Alone With The Night Exhibition To Open On October 26 At The Vogue Multicultural Museum L.A.

H.R. Giger is one of the most iconic and recognized artists of the 20th century. With his unique, dark and surreal style, Giger’s work transports us to a Universe full of hybrid mechanical beings, post-apocalyptic landscapes, hidden symbols and monochromatic images that seem to come out of a nightmare.

He is also known for being the father of the most feared space creature of cinema, the monster of the acclaimed film Alien: The Eighth Passenger, which has become one of the most famous elements of popular culture throughout the world.

His work in that film made him worthy of the Academy Award for best special effects in 1980. His extensive work covers painting, sculpture, architecture, drawing and industrial design. Deep, enigmatic and versatile, Giger is a clear example that genius can take inspiration from many places, including our deepest fears.

“Alone with the Night” is a journey within the dark mind of the multifaceted genius H.R. Giger, who through his art managed to capture surreal worlds and biomechanical creatures taken from the depths of the human subconscious.

The exhibition at the The Vogue Multicultural Museum L.A. will feature pieces curated by the Ph.D. in art history and professor of film history Carlos Arenas, and is composed of original art such as airbrushes, paintings, drawings, furniture, sculptures, unpublished photos and videos.

The exhibition will run from October 26, 2022 until February 26, 2023.

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