The Folio Society Announces Hulk, The Explosive Third Volume In The Marvel Heroes Series

Meet the monster behind the man in Hulk, the explosive third volume in Folio’s ‘Marvel Heroes’ series, showcasing some of the most iconic characters in comic book history. Roy Thomas introduces landmark stories by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Al Ewing.

Landing with the force of an experimental gamma bomb, Hulk will blast you off your feet.

Following Captain America and Spider-Man, this third volume in Folio’s exclusive Marvel Heroes series celebrates the 60th anniversary of the green-skinned goliath.

Inside, you’ll find a complete replica of the character’s debut comic book, 1962’s The Incredible Hulk #1, along with 12 more landmark tales from the Hulk’s 60 rampage.

Selected by multi-award-winning former Marvel editor-in-chief Roy Thomas and scanned directly from original comic books, these tales cover an eye-opening variety of themes.

You’ll witness Hulk’s (literally) earth-shattering battles with the Sub-Mariner and debut Super Villain the Wendigo, as well as visionary confrontations with Hulk’s evermore diverse array of alter egos. Including work by Hulk co-creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, alongside several contemporary Marvel masters, this heavyweight hardback comes bursting out of a glorious green slipcase designed by British Marvel artist Jim Cheung. His slipcase comes with the Hulk’s fist icon pounded onto the cover, while the book’s binding and endpapers feature Cheung’s staggering original art.



– A Titan Rides The Train – Tales to Astonish #63 (January 1965)
– Let There Be Battle – Tales to Astonish #100 (February 1968)
– Heaven Is A Very Small Place – The Incredible Hulk #147 (January 1972)
– Spawn of the Flesh-Eater – The Incredible Hulk #162 (April 1973)
– Revenge – The Incredible Hulk #171 (January 1974)
– Between Hammer and Anvil – The Incredible Hulk #182 (December 1974)
– Monster – The Incredible Hulk #312 (October 1985)
– Honey, I Shrunk The Hulk – The Incredible Hulk #377 (January 1991)
– Lest Darkness Come – The Incredible Hulk #420 (August 1994)
– Dear Betty… – The Incredible Hulk Volume 2 #24 (March 2001)
– Planet Hulk – Exile: Part One – The Incredible Hulk Volume 2 #92 (April 2006)
– The Walking Ghost – The Immortal Hulk #2 (September 2018)

Book Details:

– Bound in blocked-cloth and paper printed with a design by Jim Cheung
– 304 pages printed in 4-colour throughout
– Endpapers printed with a design by Jim Cheung
– Cloth slipcase blocked with a design by Jim Cheung
– Facsimile comic

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