Disney+ Unveils Trailer For French Original Series “Parallels”

Disney+ released the official trailer for “Parallels,” a French Disney+ Original series. All six episodes will be available to stream on March 23rd exclusively on Disney+ worldwide.   

“Parallels” tells the story of four friends – Bilal, Romane, Samuel and Victor – whose lives are turned upside down when a mysterious event scatters the group into different timelines. The four teenagers will do all they can to understand what has happened and try to get back to the carefree innocence of their former lives.

The series stars Thomas Chomel (“Clem”), Omar Mebrouk (“HPI”, “Les Invisibles”), Jules Houplain (“HPI”), Jade Pedri (“Ils étaient dix”), Naidra Ayadi (“Polisse”, “Black Spot”, “Stillwater”), Guillaume Labbé (“The Hookup Plan”, “Je te promets”, “L’Ecole de la vie”), Gil Alma (“César Wagner”), Elise Diamant (“Mensonges”), Dimitri Storoge (“Validé”, “La Révolution”), Agnès Miguras (“ASKIP”), Maxime Bergeron (“Fantasies”, “ASKIP”), Victoria Eber (“Beyond Appearances”), and Timoté Rigault.

“Parallels” showcases the beauty of teen friendships, whose awesome power can move mountains, bring you hope in the darkest times, and fill you with courage. The series also involves parallel worlds, temporal paradoxes, new love, family ties, and decisive choices.

This fantasy sci-fi series is an opportunity to see that our paths through life are determined by the decisions we make, the events we experience, and the way we react to them.

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