The Sports World In LEGO

Once upon a time, LEGO was exactly as depicted in our title picture.

It featured real-life characters, such as the postman and fireman, going about their business. The buildings were rudimentary, basic and the focus was on depicting the things you see around you. There are still sets like that, known as City LEGO sets, but they’ve been overtaken in popularity by themed sets.

LEGO reinvented itself for a modern audience, not only through the bricks and minifigs but also their link-up with video games. Star Wars characters have become hugely popular in recent years, and there are LEGO sets around them, as there are Batman, Marvel, Harry Potter and a host of other fictional characters. Each of those themes means accessories, from Hogwarts to the Bat Mobile, all very profitable for the company.

One area that doesn’t seem obvious for LEGO to seep into is sports, but if you think that. You’re mistaken. In fact, the company have got some quite special sports sets for fans of NFL, NBA and even Formula 1, as we explore here.

Formula 1 Cars

LEGO Formula 1 cars are complicated sets, coming out at around $200, but they’re a great way to show support for your favorite driver. Whether you’re backing Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton next season, you can do so by putting together one of these great sets. Those two drivers are the favorites to lift the title in 2022 and what better way to show your support than constructing one of the cars? Be warned; it’s probably easier negotiating the bends of Monaco than it is completing these sets in good time.


NBA fans don’t just get the odd set to make up a court; they can buy the whole court, sponsors and all, to satisfy their thirst for their favorite sport. Some sets feature minifig versions of top players of the past, namely Paul Pierce, Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd, complete with authentic jerseys. It’s hard to define whether these are LEGO sets or sports collectibles; either way, they’re great for the basketball fan in your life.

Soccer Stadiums

Whilst Sports Joe explains how some soccer fans have recreated their favorite stadiums in LEGO from their own imagination; not everyone has to. FC Barcelona might have fallen on hard times; they were eliminated from the Champions League in the group stages, but their ground is still famous worldwide. They might yet experience success; the club have dropped into the Europa League and are second-favorites to win it in the recent Ladbrokes matchday betting odds. Their home ground, the Camp Nou could see yet another trophy displayed there, but you can’t get trophies for the LEGO set. Still, the set is a wonderful example of a real-life location, making it into the brightly colored brick set, and whilst it would be a big undertaking to build it, once constructed, it is a great way to mix a passion for sports with a love of Lego.

Playable NHL

Yep, that’s right; not all LEGO is just for building and decoration. The NHL set is completely different as it is fully playable and a little like foosball. The minifigs are connected to rods that hang over the side of the court, allowing players to go head-to-head in competition if they really wish to. We’d suggest there are better ways to enjoy a game of hockey, but it’s a neat little set that will certainly appeal to fans of puck and ice.

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