Easy Ways To Personalize Your Office Desk

Decorating your desk with personal items is one way to make your office space feel more comfortable, and to make your time at work feel more enjoyable. Having a few small reminders of home can help to improve your work environment. Companies like HSI offer workplace training that can further improve your workplace environment with educational courses and programs to strengthen company culture and add emphasize the values and identities of employees (go to hsi.com for more information). Personalizing your desk can help showcase your personality and interests to your coworkers, and having a few reminders of your home life readily available on your desk is proven to decrease workplace stress and improve productivity. If not done correctly, however, decorating your work desk can add clutter to an area that might already be lacking in space. Here are a few ideas for decorating your desk while taking up minimal space.   


Adding your favorite photos of your family and friends to your desk area is one of the easiest ways to add a personalized touch to your space in the office. Hanging your photos on a wire or with a thumbtack is a great way to display several photos without adding clutter to your space. Using a colored wire or decorative, colorful thumbtacks is a great way to add some color while serving a necessary purpose and taking up minimal space. 


Adding some greenery like a house plant or vase of your favorite flowers will instantly liven up your space. If you are worried about the space or care that a house plant would require, try something small and low-maintence like a succulent. Put your plant in a cute pot or artsy planter for a 2-in-1 decoration!

Bring Your Own Mug

If you make your own coffee at the office and find that you always have a mug nearby, bring one of your favorite mugs from home! This adds a personalized touch to an object you’re already using every day. 

Fun Stationery

Swap out your boring, office-supplied pens for some colorful gel pens, and make your daily to-do list on a stylish or customized notepad. Colored pens can be stored neatly in a bin or organizer which can also serve as a decorative item on your desk if you choose one that is colorful or has a design. 

Decorate Calendars or Whiteboards

While your boards can be used to help keep you focused on productivity during a workweek, adding some fun trip or colored post-it notes or using colorful markers can help it add a pop of color and fun to your desk. 

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