Tips For Turning Your Home Office Into A Home Theater

As employees across the nation return to the office amidst a decrease in COVID-19 infection rates and President Biden’s declaration that it’s “time to get Americans back to work,” many may find their home office becoming useless. Before the pandemic, it is reported that only about 6% of Americans regularly worked from home, and the average American did not have an office space in their home. With working remotely becoming a necessity throughout the last 2 years, many converted existing rooms or empty spaces into home offices to adopt a sense of normalcy while out of the office. Now, as things are seemingly beginning to slowly return to normal and many Americans are returning to the office, many are wondering what will become of their home offices and how often they will be utilized. If this describes you, one solution could be to convert your home office into the home theater you’ve been dreaming of for yours. Companies like Key Interiors can assist with renovations and interior designing in office spaces and more. If you plan to use this opportunity to create a home theater, here are some tips for getting started.

Have A Vision

Before you begin the shopping or creation process, take the time to think about what you want your home theater to look like. Where will the projector be? What kind of lighting will you have in the room? Will you use classic reclining chairs, a big couch, or something else? Is this a room for you to relax in with your family, or would you like this to be a spot to hang out with friends?

Creating a detailed but realistic idea in your head of exactly what you’d like will make it easier for you to determine what costs lie ahead. 

Create A Budget

Once you’ve identified the items you’d like to have in your theater room, it is time to begin shopping around. Before you begin picking out furniture, take the time to create a realistic budget. A home theater can be extremely pricey, but can also be done in a fairly affordable way. It all depends on the type of equipment and furniture you are interested in. Think about what items you are willing to splurge on, and how much you can afford to spend on each item and in total. 

Consider Room Size

Many experts agree that the item you should splurge the most on when creating and furnishing a home theater is your speakers. The speakers you choose should reflect the room they are being put in; for a larger room, try mounting your speakers on the wall. For a smaller theater room, invest in a good pair of satellite speakers. You should also take room size into consideration when choosing a projector, so you find one that takes up just the right amount of space.

Minimize Light

An ideal home theater has no natural or outside light so that the TV screen or projector can be clearly seen regardless of the time of day. If your theater room has windows, be sure to invest in a good pair of blackout curtains. Another tip is to paint the walls of your theater room as dark as possible. 

Arrange Seats Wisely

Regardless of the type of seating you choose for your home theater, be sure that they are arranged in a way that is most beneficial during the viewing experience. Don’t place them too close to or far away from your projector or screen, and be sure there are tables or other storage options close to every seat. 

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