Kit Kat Unveils Their Newest Flavor: Blueberry Muffin – With Graham Cookie Pieces Folded Right In

The Kit Kat brand is introducing a fresh take on one of the most iconic baked goods with new Kit Kat Blueberry Muffin, available while supplies last, starting this month!

This new, limited-edition Kit Kat bar captures all the best qualities of the fan-favorite baked good with notes of fresh and cooked blueberries, a cake batter-like muffin flavor, and graham cookie pieces folded into the bar. This new bar features delightful blueberry muffin-flavored creme wrapped around iconic Kit Kat crispy wafers and perfectly mirrors the experience of biting into a fresh blueberry muffin, straight out of the oven! This flavor will be available at retailers nationwide in a 1.5 oz. standard bar, 3 oz. king bar, and 0.49 oz. snack size.

The blueberry muffin flavor is the latest in the brand’s ever-growing portfolio of permanent, seasonal, and limited-edition flavors, joining Kit Kat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate, Kit Kat Thins Hazelnut, Kit Kat Lemon Crisp, and more.

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