Scott C. Announces April 2022 Great Showdown Prints

This month, Scott C. welcomes four new timed edition prints to the Great Showdowns family: “The Detective for Animals” “The Family and the Robot Uprising”, “The Spinning Sensation” , and the “The Fish and the Shark”  All will go live in the Scott C. Shop next Tuesday, April 19th at 1PM (EST).

This will be a 48 hour timed release. The edition size will be determined by the total number of prints sold with the 48 hour span of time. The option to order wiki end on Thursday at 1:00PM (EST).

In addition to these four prints, there will be some chaser prints! A small run of 20 of these “The Bicycles” prints will be hidden in 20 lucky orders from this release!

“The Detective for Animals”– $15 (5 x 5 inches)

“The Family and the Robot Uprising” – $15 (5 x 5 inches)

“The Spinning Sensation” – $15 (5 x 5 inches)

“The Fish and the Shark” – $20 (5 x 7 inches)

“The Bicycles” – ( 5×5 inches)

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